How Big Is a 4 Person Tent?

In this text I give a comprehensive answer on the question of how big a 4 person tent is, and other related frequently asked questions. So keep reading.

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How Big Is a 4 Person Tent - top picture showing a 4-person tent in a camp.

How big is a 4 people tent?

There is no simple answer to this question and here is why. If this is about trail tents, they are as small as possible. This means they have enough space on the floor to put four sleeping pads.

On the other hand, if you check camping tents on the EU market, you will realize that they have bedroom(s) plus a large living room. Such a living room is usually fully protected and if necessary people can also sleep there.

But it is best to show some examples. So in the case of Klymit Maxfield 4 Tent the area is 53 ft² (4.9 m²). There are also two vestibules that add 25.5 ft² (2.4 m²) so the total protected space is 78.5 ft² (6.12 m²). The actual floor dimensions are 86 x 96 inches (218 x 244 cm).

Klymit Maxfield 4 Tent.
Klymit Maxfield 4 Tent.

Now compare this with a 4-person camping tent from the EU market, the Berghaus Air 4XL Tunnel Design 4 Person Family Tent. It has a floored area of 168 ft² (15.6 m²), plus the porch area of 33 ft² (3.1 m²). The dimensions are enormous 19.85 x 10.17 ft (605 x 310 cm).

Berghaus Air 4XL Tunnel Design 4 Person Family Tent.
Berghaus Air 4XL Tunnel Design 4 Person Family Tent.

As you realize, the differences can be enormous, so the answer cannot be simple.

How big is a 4-person dome tent?

With dome tents the situation is the same. But dome tents are generally smaller that tunnel tents and cabin tents. Yet, here too, the trail tents have space only for four sleeping pads, while camping tents may have more space.

If this is about the simple dome structure, the differences between the trail and camping tents are not so substantial. The picture shows the ALPS Mountaineering Acropolis 4 Person Tent with the floored area of 63.75 ft² (6.11 m²), and two vestibules that add 25 ft² (2.3 m²). So the total protected space is 88.75 ft² (8.4 m²).

The actual dimensions of the floor are 7’4 x 6’9 (2.23 x 2.06 m). Note that it weighs 8 lb 11 oz (3.9 kg) so it is in between camping and backpacking tents.

ALPS Mountaineering Backpacking Tents Acropolis.
ALPS Mountaineering Backpacking Tents Acropolis.

How many people can a 4-person tent fit?

I have already mentioned something about this question. So in principle every 4-person tent is supposed to accommodate four users. But this does not mean that you will feel comfortable in just any of these tents if you have three people more with you.

For those tents where the official capacity is based on the backpacking principle, it is best to downgrade the number of users by half.

On the other hand, many of the 4-person tents on the EU market can easily accommodate twice the number of users if this is necessary.

Does a 4 person tent actually fit 4 people?

This is answered in the previous question, so the answer is yes and no. It depends on the type of the tent and for which market it is built.

How big is a 4-person Coleman tent?

Coleman has many 4-person tents on the market. Perhaps you did not know, but they also have an EU-branch with very different tents, they are very large and with a high waterproof rating.

So their 4-person tents can be very different and their size differences can be huge. To realize what I mean, see this Coleman Sundome Camping Tent 4 that offers 63 square feet (5.85 m²) of floored area.

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent 4.
Coleman Sundome Camping Tent 4.

Now compare this with the Coleman Meadowood 4 Person Tent with Blackout Bedrooms shown below, it has 150.7 ft² (14 m²). This includes a bedrooms area with 63.5 ft² (5.9 m²) and a living room with 87.2 ft² ( 8.1 m²). But there is also a large porch.

Coleman Meadowood 4 Person Tent with Blackout Bedrooms.
Coleman Meadowood 4 Person Tent with Blackout Bedrooms.

Is a 4 person tent too big for one person?

Based on what you have seen above, the answer is no and yes.

It is no if you use such a tent for (car) camping. So why would you care if you have extra space? I myself sometimes use my 4-person tent for solo use.

But if you are on the trail, you would not want to carry too big tent, wouldn’t you?

On the other hand, the EU-based 4-person tents in most cases are indeed too big for solo use even if this is for car camping. But here again, if you do not pay extra in a camp for a larger tent, and if this is a tent easy to set up (like those inflatable or air-beam tents), you can definitely use them solo.

Will a queen mattress fit in a 4 person tent?

The answer is yes. A typical queen size mattress measures 80 x 60 inches (203 x 152 cm). You have seen the dome type tent above which is considerably larger than this.

So in most cases, even the smallest 4-person tent can indeed accommodate a queen size mattress.

How do you pick a tent size?

Based on what I wrote in the previous paragraphs, if this is about tents on the EU market, go for a tent with an official capacity that corresponds to the number of people that will use the tent.

However, for the tents on the US market, if you want at least some comfort, it is best to go for a tent that is officially twice the number of people that will use the tent. So if you have two people, go for a 4-person tent.

Can 4 people sleep in a 3 person tent?

If the tent’s capacity is determined by the backpacking principle, this will imply that it has space for three narrow sleeping pads on the floor. In this case, there is no way that it could accommodate four users.

How big is a 3 person tent?

This depends on the purpose. Tents built for the trail are small and narrow, so you have place to put 3 sleeping pads on the floor. For example, the NEMO Aurora 3 Person Backpacking Tent is with the dimensions 88 x 72 inches (224 x 183 cm). So the area is 44 ft² (4.1 m²) but it has vestibules for storage.

Those built for car camping can be larger. As example, the Coleman Tent OctaGo 3 Person tent is with an octagonal base and the dimensions are 9.61 x 8.86 ft (2.93 x 2.7 m) while the area is 64.6 ft² (6 m²).

I would always advise to go for at least a 4-person or 5-person tent if you need a shelter for 3 people.

How big is a 5 person tent?

Tents designed for 5 people are usually car camping tents and not designed to be carried on the trail, but there are indeed backpacking 5-person tents. So I shall focus on the camping tents, and it is best to show some examples.

Similar to 4-person tents, here again you can have huge differences if you compare US-based brands and EU brands.

So take the famous Browning Camping Big Horn 5 Person Tent as an example. Its area is 80 ft² (7.4 m²). On the other hand, the Zempire Aero TL PRO Series Tent has an area of 187.2 ft² (17.4 m²) plus a porch that adds 54.9 ft² (5.1 m²).

How big is a 6 person tent?

The 6-person tents group offers more diversity and options than any other tents group. Among the family camping tents, this group is the most numerous.

But this also implies huge differences in sizes, and this is again related to the regions. The 6-person camping tents in EU are gigantic, to realize this it is best to see the Coleman Valdes Deluxe 6 XL Air BlackOut Bedroom Family Tent with its floored area of 244.3 ft² (22.7 m²) plus a porch of 75.3 ft² (7 m²).

You can compare this with the Coleman 6-Person Connectable Tent which is on the US market with its area of 90.4 ft² (8.4 m²).

Can you put a regular mattress in a tent?

The answer is yes, there is no reason why you could not do this. This may not be the most practical solution, but if this is for one occasion and you do not go camping in general, why spending money. So yes you can do this for sure.

Can you put an air mattress in a tent?

The simple answer is yes. Such mattresses will work just like any other type. Bear in mind though that with such a mattress you have no insulation. So in a cooler environment you will be cold.

But there are inflatable (air) mattresses with insulation, so go for such an option if this is not for summer camping.

What size tent fits a queen size bed?

As mentioned above, the queen size mattress means 80 x 60 inches (203 x 152 cm). So the smallest possible tent that has enough floor area would be a 3-person tent. Of course, any larger tent will also do the job.

The North Face Eco Trail 3-Person Camping Tent is one example, its floor dimensions are 89 x 63 inches (226 x 160 cm).

Which tent is best for camping? What is the best tent to buy?

There is no such thing as the best tent for camping, at least not that it would be the best for everybody. We all have different needs and preferences. But here are some tips that may help in choosing a tent for you.

  • A good tent is supposed to protect you from the elements. So make sure that it has a reasonable waterproof rating and seams are taped. Some tents may have only 600 mm rating and although this looks small, it will protect you if the seams are taped.
  • A tent should be large enough for your purpose. This means enough space for sleeping and to store you gear.
  • It should be the right type for the climate and environment. This means if you are in a wet climate, the tent should be ventilated. If this is a cold environment, it should be closable. If you expect lots of wind, it should be low profile and aerodynamic, etc.
  • It should be within your budget. There are many great tents on the market, but the prices can be anywhere in the range $50-5000. So if you cannot afford it, it does not matter if it is the best or nit.

So this is all I wanted to say about the issue of a 4 person tent size. Read also my text about the size of a 4-person tent for families. You might want to check also my text on how much warmer is a 4 season tent.

If you have any question or suggestion to add more questions/answers here, just let me know, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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