Is Deuter Aircontact X Better than Gregory Baltoro Backpack?

Deuter Aircontact X backpack is a new product from this brand and most likely the best they have ever built. But is it better than the Gregory Baltoro backpack?

There is a new version of Gregory Baltoro backpack that they launched for the season 2022/2023 and it is better than ever, with a full torso and hip belt adjustability. 

However, I am not convinced that its completely new and redesigned suspension system is as reliable as the suspension system of the Deuter Aircontact X backpacks.

The suspension is the most important segment of these packs designed for heavy loads. 

As for other features, these two packs are generally on the same level.

Is Deuter Aircontact X Better than Gregory Baltoro Backpack top picture.
Deuter Aircontact X left and Gregory Baltoro right.

The new Gregory Baltoro pack suspension

I have discussed the most important features of this in my separate text about new Baltoro pack version. So I am not going to repeat this here. I shall only stress that indeed this pack has never looked better.

Its new version comes with a fully adjustable suspension. This applies to the torso length and to the hip belt padding. There is also auto rotating system at the points where the shoulder harness attaches to the frame. The hip belt is also with a pivoting design.

This all suggests that its suspension can hardly be better.

However, the mentioned torso adjustment is based on a Velcro hook and loop attachment. The same holds for the adjustable hip belt fins. This looks great, but I have seen complaints that this attachment does not hold and it tends to slip.

Now, the main point of these packs is to carry heavy load. So the stability of the harness is absolutely essential, and if this is not completely reliable, the whole concept makes no sense.

More about the new Baltoro & Deva packs you can see in this video:

Deuter Aircontact X pack suspension

This pack has an adjustable torso length, but the hip belt is standard, there is no adjustable hip fins here. But the torso adjustability is their VarySlide system, very easy to use and reliable. I do not think it can ever fail.

How about other features?

I shall point out only five separate aspects here.


I would point out pockets first. Both packs have 10 pockets, simply incredible. Regarding their functionality, one could argue indefinitely. This all depends on your priorities and preferences. So it is hard to say which pack would be better regarding pockets in general.

For example, I like the side bellows zippered pocket of the Deuter Aircontact X pack, you do not have them in the Baltoro pack.

On the other hand, the two front pockets of Baltoro pack are better than the single front pocket of the Deuter pack.

But, the Deuter Aircontact X pack has removable hip belt pockets, and one of them is also expandable so it can accommodate a water bottle. This is a unique feature on the market.

Attachment options & straps

The Deuter Aircontact X pack has advantage here because of the following.

  • It has more attachment loops on the front.
  • All its compression straps are removable. This is what they describe as a modular design. So you can remove them when not needed, and you can also use them to attach things on those mentioned front loops.

Day pack

The Deuter Aircontact X pack comes with a day pack included. It is designed so that you can attach it to the shoulder harness on the front of your body. This is shown in the picture:

The included day pack attached on the shoulder harness.
The included day pack attached on the shoulder harness.

On the other hand, the new version of the Gregory Baltoro pack does not have a day pack any longer. It used to be there in the previous version.


The Deuter Aircontact X packs are very heavy. Take the Aircontact X 60+15 as an example, it weighs 3.1 kg (6.8 lb). I discussed the weight of these packs in my separate text so please have a look.

On the other hand, the Gregory Baltoro 75 has the same volume but it is much lighter, it weighs only 2.19 kg (4.8 lb).

Load hauling capacity

In the case of the Deuter Aircontact X packs, the official carry weight is up to 30 kg (66 lb). For the Gregory Baltoro this is “only” 25 kg (55 lb).


All in all, my conclusion would be as follows:

  • The new Gregory Baltoro pack looks cool, and from this aspect the Deuter’s pack is not a match.
  • What matters here is load hauling, and I am convinced that Deuter Aircontact X pack is more reliable.
  • However, see the weight. My guess is that not many people will be delighted with the weight of Deuter’s Aircontact X packs.

Both series are on the market, you can see Deuter Aircontact X packs on Amazon and at Deuter, and Gregory Baltoro packs on Amazon.

What do you think? Let me know, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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