Ozark Trail Tents vs Coleman Tents

Ozark Trail and Coleman are two best-known outdoor brands that are known for their affordable camping shelters.

Ozark Trail brand builds tents that are mainly for the North America users. On the other hand, Coleman as a brand has separate branches for the US, EU, and Australia regions.

So in the case of Coleman, this implies very different designs and it is not possible to make a general comparison even if this would be among Coleman tents alone. A truly meaningful comparison can only be made on a tent by tent basis.

But it is true that Coleman has far more diverse tents in general. Regarding quality, if you compare Coleman-US and Ozark Trail tents, they are usually in the same budget-class group.

Ozark Trail Tent vs Coleman Tent - top picture showing tents from the two brands.

Coleman on three continents

So Coleman is based in the US, but it has a huge branch in the EU, and also in Australia. The Australian branch is far smaller than the other two, I am speaking from tents point of view all the time.

There are big differences regarding designs. The Coleman-EU tents include some shelters that are among the largest on that market, and this area has indeed the largest camping tents that you can imagine.

These Coleman-EU tents are also with many rooms, and more importantly with a huge waterproof rating. This is all very different from what you see in Coleman-US and Coleman-AU.

On the other hand, I have never seen an Ozark Trail tent on these two continents.

But there are a few possible ways to compare these two brands by some specific features. Here are a few.

Ozark Trail vs Coleman tents regarding dark rest or blackout design

Both brands build tents based on the dark rest design. When this design appeared on the market a few years ago, Ozark Trail launched several tents in one series.

They are still on the market and they are indeed very dark, the Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent in the picture below is one of them. But they stopped there, I have not seen any new dark rest tent from this brand.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent.
Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent.

However, Coleman is continuously launching its BlackOut tents in all possible sizes and shapes. They have these tents in all three mentioned branches on three continents.

I am completely convinced that no other brand can come even close to what Coleman has to offer regarding the dark rest design. It is far superior to Ozark Trail as well.

Ozark Trail vs Coleman tents regarding air beam technology

As of the moment of writing this text, there is no tent from Ozark Trail with air beams support. As you probably know, this technology is becoming increasingly popular. So Ozark Trail is behind the modern trends in this aspect.

There are many reasons for this new concept. Such tents can be huge, there are no limits for their beams so the largest family camping tents on the market are of that type.

Coleman is here at the forefront, but this holds only for the Coleman-EU branch, see one great example in the picture below, this is their Coleman Valdes Deluxe 4 XL Air BlackOut tent

Coleman Valdes Deluxe 4 XL Air BlackOut tent.
Coleman Valdes Deluxe 4 XL Air BlackOut tent.

As of the moment of writing this text, I have not see any Coleman-US tent with such a technology. So on the US market, these two brands are the same, without inflatable beams.

In this video you can see one of the best examples of the Coleman-EU tents, their Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Air Tent:


Ozark Trail vs Coleman tents regarding the size of tents

On the US market, Ozark Trail has some of the largest family camping tents that you can find. Some of their tents are also incredibly attractive, and you can see them here.

So in the US area, currently there is no brand that can match Ozark Trail regarding tent size. However, as mentioned above, these tents are supported with classic poles. But it is amazing to see what they have managed to build with such a technology.

Coleman inflatable tents are among the largest on the EU market. You can see some of them in my list of extra large tents. Note that the list includes Ozark Trail tents as well.

So regarding the size, Coleman-US is inferior to Ozark Trail. Only Coleman-EU has tents of the size comparable to Ozark Trail tents.

Ozark Trail vs Coleman tents regarding the shape and style of tents

Most of the Ozark Trail tents are cabin type and you can easily realize this from when you see them at Walmart that owns this brand. This determines also their best use and purpose. So these are tents mostly designed for summer camping and for mild weather conditions.

The Coleman-US tents are built in a variety of styles, so you can find cabin, dome, and tunnel type tents. Those on the EU market are mostly tunnel-type, while Coleman-AU tents are mostly cabin type and instant, bit with a full coverage fly.

Ozark Trail vs Coleman tents regarding the price

Coleman-US and Ozark Trail are comparable regarding the price. Perhaps in general Ozark Trail tents are more affordable, but there are incredibly budget-friendly Coleman tents as well.

On the other hand, Coleman-EU tents are very expensive in general. But this is not surprising in view of their sizes, features, and quality.

How about popularity?

Regarding popularity, there is no match to Coleman, and this has been so for many years. Just for the purpose of this text, I checked Amazon bestsellers in the group of camping tents. So two out of three top bestsellers are from Coleman.

You can check this from your side, this changes all the time, but there was no Ozark Trail tent in the top 50 bestselling tents when I was checking there.

Final thoughts

To summarize this Ozark Trail Tent vs Coleman Tent comparison, it is not easy to compare these two brands in general. They have many tents on the market and in a variety of shapes and with plenty of features.

So it only makes sense to compare individual tents. If you have such a problem and what to compare some of their tents, let me know.

But if this is about the brands in general, I would say the following:

  • Coleman is superior regarding new trends and technologies. This applies to their dark rest and inflatable tents in particular.
  • Also, Coleman has very different tents on several continents so it is globally present, and this is not so with Ozark Trail that is owned by Walmart and it is mainly on the US market.
  • Regarding the price/quality combination, I would say that those tents from these brands that are on the US market are in the same group.

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