What Is Osprey Extended Fit?

Osprey Extended Fit backpacks are tailored for larger bodies with extended padding, longer straps, and repositioned pockets for an inclusive design. Find out more here.

Oprey has launched a series of backpacks under the common name Extended Fit, and this includes modifications of packs from some of their standard series. All of them include the following features:

  1. The Extended Fit packs are designed to fit larger hips and this means that padding is considerably extended.
  2. The shoulder harness padding is extended.
  3. These packs have longer hipbelt and longer shoulder straps.
  4. They also have a longer sternum strap.
  5. They come with repositioned and much larger hip belt pockets.

All packs the from Extended Fit group come with the features of their corresponding standard series. So the extended features are extras to what you normally have in Osprey packs.

Osprey Extended Fit packs.
Osprey Extended Fit packs.


Osprey, a renowned name in outdoor gear, has consistently crafted backpacks that prioritize comfort and support. Recognizing the unique needs of individuals with larger hips, Osprey Extended Fit emerged as a revolutionary line of backpacks designed to provide tailored fit and exceptional comfort for these body types.

A comfortable and well-fitting backpack is crucial for maximizing performance and minimizing discomfort during outdoor activities. Ill-fitting backpacks can cause pressure points, chafing, and instability, hindering one’s enjoyment of the outdoors.

Osprey Extended Fit addresses these concerns head-on, ensuring that individuals with larger frames can fully embrace their outdoor adventures without compromising their comfort.

But it may be important to stress that Osprey is not the first brand with such packs on the market. It was actually Gregory who first launched a series under the name Gregory Plus Size Backpacks some time ago. The Osprey’s Extended Fit series follows the same logic and a very similar deign, but there are important differences as well.

Tempest 20 EF pack in use.
Tempest 20 EF pack in use.

Key Features of Osprey Extended Fit

Osprey Extended Fit backpacks boast a range of strategically enhanced features that cater to individuals with larger bodies and hips.

Extended Hip Belt Padding and Hip Belt Length

From the picture below which shows the Osprey Talon 22 EF pack you can instantly realize what this means.

Osprey Talon 22 EF with its enormous hip belt.
Osprey Talon 22 EF with its enormous hip belt.

The hip belt adjustment range on Extended Fit backpacks is expanded to comfortably accommodate a wider range of hip circumferences. So both padding and the belt itself are much longer. This ensures a precise fit that provides optimal load transfer and minimizes pressure points.

Now, how much are they really extended? Well, this is suitable for users of up to 70-inch (178 cm) hips. To understand this better, it is best to have a look at Oprey Talon 22 standard version in the picture bellow:

Oprey Talon 22 standard version.
Oprey Talon 22 standard version.

I hope you can see the obvious differences in the harness of these two packs. Only Extended Fit features are added to the first packs, all the remaining features are the same.

Extended Fit Shoulder Harness Padding and Length

So here again, the packs are generously proportioned to accommodate larger bodies. This provides a more secure and comfortable hold, distributing weight evenly and preventing shifting or sagging.

Longer Sternum Strap

A sternum strap is an important element in a pack’s suspension, and it is in place to keep the shoulder straps optimally positioned. With larger bodies such a strap must be longer, and these Osprey Extended Fit packs have this properly done.

Repositioned and Much Larger Hip Belt Pockets

Without moving hip belt pockets forward, they would remain hardly accessible by the user. See how this looks in the Extended series:

Repositioned hip belt pockets.
Repositioned hip belt pockets.

But Osprey has also made these pockets much larger than in standard packs. You can see this in the picture below that shows one of the packs in the group, the Sportlite 25 EF pack. I am sure nobody would mind having such great pockets at hand.

Much larger hip belt pockets.
Much larger hip belt pockets.

In this sense the design is better as compared to the mentioned Gregory Plus Size packs where the pockets are also repositioned but they are the same size as in standard packs.

Benefits of Osprey Extended Fit

The tailored fit and thoughtful design of Osprey Extended Fit backpacks deliver a multitude of benefits:

Increased Comfort and Support

The generous dimensions and enhanced features of Extended Fit backpacks provide exceptional comfort and support for individuals with larger torsos and hips.

This translates to reduced pressure points, improved posture, and minimized fatigue during extended outdoor activities.

Reduced Pressure Points

The strategically placed padding on Extended Fit backpacks effectively distributes weight and prevent pressure points, eliminating discomfort and allowing for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Improved Stability and Balance

The enhanced fit and secure hold of Extended Fit backpacks contribute to improved stability and balance. This is particularly beneficial for activities like hiking and backpacking, where stability is crucial for maintaining control and preventing falls or stumbles.

Wider Range of Options for Individuals with Larger Frames

The expanded sizing range of Extended Fit backpacks provides a wider selection of options for individuals with larger frames. This allows them to find a backpack that perfectly suits their body proportions and provides the optimal fit and support they need.

Please see a bit more in this video:

Examples of Osprey Extended Fit Backpacks

Osprey Extended Fit offers a diverse range of backpacks catering to various outdoor pursuits and preferences. This includes packs from the following standard series that now have the letters EF added to their standard names:

  • Aether 65 EF: A durable and versatile backpack designed for multi-day backpacking adventures.
  • Ariel 65 EF: A women-specific backpack crafted for the needs of female backpackers
  • Volt 65 EF: A lightweight and efficient backpack perfect for day hikes and multi-day hikes with minimal gear.
  • Viva 65 EF: So this is the women-specific version with the same basic features as the Volt 65 EF packs for men.
  • Talon 22 EF: A compact and versatile daypack ideal for day hikes, trail running, and urban commuting.
  • Tempest 20 EF: This is a women-specific series with the same features as the Talon packs for men.
  • Sportlite 25 EF: A minimalist and lightweight pack designed for minimalist day hikes and outdoor adventures.

All these packs are available on Osprey site, and some of them can be found also on Amazon.

As of the moment if writing this text, it is not known to me if they plan to make more packs in this EF group or not.

Sustainability policy

Osprey as a brand is on the forefront in this respect. It is best to see the video:

In the picture below you can see also that their packs are bluesign approved. The denier value shown here is for their Aether and Ariel EF packs:

Bluesign approved.
Bluesign approved.

How about warranty?

So no worry, here you have the same Osprey’s All Mighty warranty included. See what they have to say about it:

Osprey's All Mighty warranty.
Osprey’s All Mighty warranty.


Osprey Extended Fit has revolutionized the backpacking experience for individuals with larger torsos and hips. By prioritizing comfort, support, and inclusivity, Osprey has created a line of backpacks that empower everyone to fully embrace their outdoor adventures.

This Osprey Extended Fit is a testament to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and making outdoor adventures accessible to everyone, regardless of body type. By designing backpacks that cater to a wider range of body shapes, Osprey empowers individuals to explore the outdoors without limitations.

All in all, the Osprey Extended Fit backpacks are the perfect companions for individuals seeking a tailored fit and exceptional comfort that will elevate their outdoor experiences.

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