Why Are Deuter Aircontact X Backpacks so Heavy?

Deuter Aircontact X backpacks are built for heavy loads. This implies a strong frame, durable fabric, and a massive padding on its suspension system elements. But they also come with some bonuses.

Deuter has launched three backpacks in its new Aircontact X series. They include Deuter Aircontact X 60+15, Deuter Aircontact X 70+15, and Deuter Aircontact X 80+15.

All of them weigh over 3 kg, more precisely 3.10, 3.18, and 3.37 kg, respectively. So what makes them so heavy? Well, there are some really good reasons for such a weight.

Why Are Deuter Aircontact X Backpacks so Heavy.
Deuter Aircontact X Backpack.

So what this is about

I think it is best that you start with this video:

Below I describe some of the features that are related to the main topic discussed in this text, and this is the weight of these packs.

Features that add to the weight of the Deuter Aircontact X packs

So here are some of the features that add to the weight, given in no particular order:

1. These are all physically big packs and they are designed for heavy loads. This implies strong frames.

2. You have seen the number +15 in the names of these Deuter packs. This is extra volume which you have when needed. For this you simply expand the collar of the pack.

This implies the following:

  • You have some extra fabric used for this expandable collar.
  • There are two drawstrings here.
  • There is also a top compression strap which you use over the collar.

All these details add a bit of weight, but they also improve functionality and versatility of these packs.

3. There are three access points. This includes the mentioned top collar, a bottom zippered compartment, and a large front opening with a long U-shaped zipper which is under a flap for rain protection. This all adds extra weight.

4. Note that there is one extra compression strap inside the main compartment. It is located underneath the front access panel. It adds a few grams as well.

5. These packs are built from incredibly strong and durable fabrics. So you have a combination of a 1000D and 330D polyamide. Not many packs on the market can match this.

You might want to know that they claim that these packs are made from 100% recycled industrial waste and certified to recognized standards.

6. There is a full size extra daypack included, see the picture below. You can use it on its own, but it is also designed to be attached to the front of the shoulder harness of the main pack.

Fully featured day pack is included.
Fully featured day pack is included.

This also includes several attachment buckles on the shoulder harness, hence the weight is increased as well as functionality.

7. The lid is floating type and removable, and this means extra straps and buckles. It includes an inner zippered pocket inside of its top zippered pocket. So yes, extra zipper again and extra grams.

8. The pack comes with a massive lumbar padding, see below how this looks. This is one of the main elements that contribute to the weight.

Incredibly well padded lumbar and hip belt.
Incredibly well padded lumbar and hip belt.

9. The torso length is adjustable, and this is their VarySlide system that includes a buckle and a wide strap. This all adds weight.

10. Hip belt pockets are huge, see the pictures below. In addition, one of the hip belt pockets is expandable. The picture below on the right shows that it can accommodate a large water bottle. This implies extra fabric. But this is a unique feature that adds to functionality of this pack.

Unique and removable hip belt pockets.
Unique and removable hip belt pockets.

Note that the same feature is available also in the largest packs from the Deuter Aircontact Core series. I have not seen it in any other packs on the market.

11. Both hip belt pockets are also removable. There are toggles added for this purpose, visible in the pictures, and this also adds weight.

12. The back panel is a completely new design. So you have a massive padding for comfort, cushioning, and ventilation. See how it looks:

Back panel and many other details.
Back panel and many other details.

13. There is a bottom zippered pocket where you have a rain cover included.

14. The pack has dual side bellows pockets. So this is again about extra fabric and two large zippers added.

15. The hip belt padding is massive, you have seen it above.

16. There is an inner divider between the bottom compartment and the main compartment. It is with toggles instead of the usual zipper that is typical for Deuter packs.

Volume to weight ratio

The actual weight is huge, but let’s see about the volume to weight ratio for each of these packs. They are 24 liters/kg, 27 liters/kg, and 28 liters/kg.

To understand if this is good or not, we can compare these numbers with Osprey’s UNLTD packs.

  • For example, Osprey AirScape 68 pack has 24 liters/kg volume to weight ratio. Note that these Osprey packs also have a daypack included. Now you see that generally, these Deuter packs are either in the same class or effectively lighter. These two packs are compared in detail in the text Osprey UNLTD AirScape 68 vs Deuter Aircontact X Backpack.
  • Take now the Kelty Asher 85 Backpack. Its volume to weight ratio is 38 liters/kg. So this pack is considerably lighter that any of the packs mentioned above. But it is fair to say, that this pack is far inferior to the packs discussed above.

Final thoughts

In summary, these Deuter Aircontact X Backpacks are built for heavy loads, and this should be taken literally. It is unusual for Deuter to actually provide the recommended maximum load, but they have started this practice recently. So according to specifications, you should be able to carry comfortably 30 kilograms of load in any of these packs.

When you see them from the volume/weight ratio point of view, they are in the same group as the most advanced packs of Osprey. But in any case, they are heavy, and it is up to you to decide if such a weight is worth carrying or not.

These packs are currently available at Deuter, Amazon and Campsaver, but I expect that very soon many big sellers will also have them available.

You might want to read also my another text about Deuter Futura Vario Pro packs and also the text about Deuter Aircontact Ultra backpacks.

Let me know if you think that I have missed mentioning something important, there is a comment box below. Bookmark this site and visit it occasionally, you will always have new texts added here. Thank you for reading.

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