Why I Have Never Had a Desire to Climb Mount Everest

I guess it would be fair to admit first that even if I wanted to go to Mount Everest, I couldn’t simply because I couldn’t afford it. But there is more to this.

In short, the reasons why I would not want to climb Mt Everest can be summarized as follows:

  • Going alpine style for such a high mountain would not work for me. I am not strong enough for this, my name is not Messner.
  • I think I would not be able to do this without oxygen. If so, then this is not a place for me.

Why I Have Never Had a Desire to Climb Mount Everest - top picture showing Everest.

Alpine style on none

When I go to the mountains, this is something personal, between the mountain and me. I would find it humiliating having somebody to carry my stuff. Mountains are sacred places, so you do not go to temples to humiliate people. I am talking about a simple alpine style mountaineering.

Did you know that they carry even feces down to the valleys? So this all atmosphere makes no sense and this is why I do not want to be at such places.

I know what some will say, this is a good income for those carrying your stuff. Sure, but how do you feel when you see them sweating for you? Can you guess what they might think about you?

But then one can ask, how about mountain huts in other mountains, you do use them, don’t you? This means that somebody somehow was taking care about things you are going to use up there in the hut.

I must admit, I feel that I do not have a proper answer. Though, with huts this all looks on a different level. Most huts in the Alps where I go look like high-altitude restaurants. Some have vehicles that transport stuff and some use lifts. Most remote huts use helicopters to bring supplies.

I am pretty sure that nobody carries supplies there on his back. In the past, this was mainly done by mules and donkeys. So this does not look as humiliating as having a porter sweating and carrying your stuff while you go up with your day hike pack.

On the other hand, it is true also that I avoid staying in the huts. It is very rare that I stay the night or even take any meal there.

But do not take me wrong, I like to see them, these are pleasant places. It is good to see people, and I am sure for many people this is the only way to be in the mountains. They find them necessary and this is all fine. It is simply that I do not use them.

I have climbed even Weissmies overnight directly from the valley, although there were two huts on my way up. The same was with Lagginhorn.

Oxygen bottles issue

If I cannot survive naturally in such an environment, then I feel it is not for me to be there in the first place. So this is again related to the first issue discussed above, somebody has to carry them up for me.

Climbers on Everest.
Climbers on Everest.

But somebody may ask, how about using crampons and ice axe on a steep glacier? Do you use fixed cables on ferrata sections? How about using clothing and mountaineering boots? We cannot go naked there. So am I cheating by using them?

Most likely I could not get there without all this. So what makes the difference as compared to the mentioned oxygen bottles? My only answer would be, I do carry my stuff myself, and I never leave anything there. This takes us back to the alpine style mentioned above.

All in all, I would not be able to carry my bottles all the way to Everest summit and back. This is why the mountain is not for me. What remains is to watch it on You Tube, here is one remarkable video, please have a look:

You might want to see also this video of Bear Grills where he reveals what climbing Mount Everest is really like. He asks himself if this is worth risking a life, and his answer is no, have a look:

I have read that even going to Kilimanjaro is not possible without hiring porters, with all the food and other supplies carried by them. Something similar, but for a bit different reasons, seems to be with Mount Ararat which you are not allowed to climb on your own. I have always dreamed about these mountains, but it seems I shall never climb them. Pity.

What do you think about this question, let us know, there is a comment box below. For more texts of this type, please check in the category Mountaineering. Check my text about paralpinism, a new and popular activity that combines mountaineering and paragliding. Thank you for reading.

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